Yeat 9, 10 and 11 meet St Clement Danes Netball!

Our Year 9, 10 and 11 Netball teams played St Clement Danes on Tuesday 22md October. St Clement Danes are always tough competition for St Joan of Arc, however this year the games were extremenly close with St Joan of Arc playing some of their best Netball.

Year 11 were using this game as their GCSE Netball assessment performance and really raised the bar to show off how well they can play. St Clement Danes unfortunately took the lead towards the end with the game resulting 25-17 but the girls should be very proud of their performance and keeping up with play throughout the game.

Year 10 had a fantastic game. Again, some of these girls are taking GCSE PE, with Netball being one of their strongest sports and they proved how well they can perform in this game. The game ended 18-15 to St. Clement Danes, so close and again a very powerful performance from a very strong St Joan of Arc team.

The year 9 game was the closest game throughout the 40 minutes. Our year 9’s have had a slight change in players this year and it proves to be working going by their results so far. Very strong, acurate play by all players on the team with a score of 21-18 to St. Clement Danes who just took the lead in the last quarter.

The Girls PE Department are very proud of how strong Netball is this year and a big well done goes out to all girls this year!! 🙂