St Joan of Arc Virtual Christmas Concert 2021

Virtual Christmas Concert 2021

The Music Department has been working hard to record and produce a virtual Christmas concert. Although it’s a shame not to perform to a live audience, it has still been a fun experience. Each group has performed their own piece and the concert ends with many performing together in a fun festive finale.

Pour yourself a drink, get the mince pies ready and enjoy ‘a touch of Christmas’.

Wear It Red

This year St Joan of Arc raised over ¬£500 to support Aid to the Church in Need, a charity¬†which offers support to people around the world who wish to practice their faith but are persecuted for doing so. It is outrageous¬†that in the 21st¬†century a person can experience¬†such treatment but unfortunately it is still going on. Sometimes it is easy to forget or take for granted the freedom to practice¬†our faith¬†that we have in this country and so we do not always recognise the privilege¬†we have. This is why, on this day we showed we do support freedom to faith, by ‘Wearing It Red’. We¬† hope that one day all will have the right to practice their faith without fear.¬† Until this day comes we will continue to raise awareness and say prayers on behalf¬†of those who cannot. And hope that all who are being persecuted remember ”We are persecuted but not abandoned, we are struck down but not destroyed” Corinthians 2 4:9.¬† Love Christ inspire others

Why we are sheep and not goats!

Thank you so much to all those who have generously donated to the foodbank collections. Your efforts have meant that we have been able to support three local foodbanks.
‘When I was hungry you fed me…’¬† You have put your faith into action.

MFL Year 8 Video’s

During the last week of term while they were isolating at home, 8ab French made videos about their daily routine. Pets and teddy bears star in these amazing videos!



Over a period of 10 weeks (to the end of March) we have joined forces with our canteen who have devised a selection of recipes and areas of baking to focus on ‚Äď very much ‚ÄúGreat British Bake Off‚ÄĚ style.

Each section runs for 2 weeks and it is simple base recipes which students, staff and parents may well want to use at home to develop new skills or simply have some fun in the kitchen.

Week 1 starts on Monday 25th January 2021 with Bread but you can join in when you wish.

We are asking students to send in photos to the School on the email of their baking for that week.

The Winners of each round will be in with  a chance to win one of two prizes at the end of the Challenge.

The judges for our school are Phil – Head chef in the canteen and Mrs Walker – Head of Food Technology

 Students can use their own recipes, not just the ones sent in the pack.

Week one kicks off with bread and the details will be shared with pupils via the school website and form teachers.


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