Italian Exchange Visit

15 JOA students visited Regina Mundi school in Milan last week on our first MFL exchange in many years. Students were able to interact in Italian with the families they stayed with and while they were at school, they were involved in various activities from Science experiments to games and a pizza workshop. Students also had the opportunity to visit famous landmarks in Milan, Florence and Venice, were they also experienced the Carnival. An unforgettable time was had by all and we are very much looking forward to welcoming the Italian students during the last week of the Spring term!

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Rome Trip 2015

Eighteen pupils from Year 9 and 10 joined Mr Doyle, Miss Dell’Orto and Miss Edge for the Italian department’s annual trip to Rome. During our trip we walked lots and visited many of Rome’s most famous tourist attractions including St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, the Vatican museums, la Bocca della Verita’, the Roman Forum, Piazza Spagna and il Vittoriano. We enjoyed the opportunity to try out our Italian for real and also managed to eat lots of pizza, pasta and ice cream. Even the constant rain on the first day didn’t dampen our spirits too much!

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A Carnevale ogni scherzo vale!


Today is Martedi’ Grasso (Shrove Tuesday), the day before the start of Quaresima (Lent). Miss Torrini’s Year 8 Italian class learnt about Carnevale celebrations in Venice and each pupil made their own mask. To discover more about Carnevale in Italy and to find out about Italy’s biggest food fight click on the links below:

La Scuola

La Scuola video – click on this link to view the video.

Year 11 – you are a bit old for this (!) but there is a lot of useful vocabulary in here and it might give you some ideas for talking about your primary school in Italiano. You will notice different ways to say ‘I like’ and that the primary school day in Italy is different to the ‘superiore’.

Festa Italo Inglese

Thursday 24th October 2013 saw the first annual Festa Italo-Inglese. Able, Gifted and Talented students in Year 10 at St Joan of Arc met with the four exchange students from the Liceo Sacro Cuore in Milan to show them the ‘St Joan of Arc Survival Sketches’ video. Made during a workshop in July, the aim of the video was to welcome the Italians to British school life and to help them avoid any faux pas! After laughing and cringing along to the videos, attendees dined on Mrs Perotti’s homemade arancini and chatted in both Italian and English.

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