Year 11 Girls’ Fitness Treat!

On Monday 21st October we arranged for a Fitness Coach, Danielle West (one of the Year 11 Girls mums!), to come in and teach a Body Conditioning session for 60 of the Year 11 Girls.


 We aim to inspire the Girls in Year 11 with a range of different Fitness Classes that are available and popular within local communities and Fitness Centers.  This will hopefully give them more incentive to stay active and involved in exercise; as this can often become a time when Girls become disinterested and lazy. 


 This was an excellent treat for the girls to finish their Fitness unit on.  Within the unit we have looked at a variety of fun, exciting ways to stay fit and healthy, including Body Pump, Circuit Training, Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates.


 A big Thank You goes out to Danielle for inspiring the girls with her highly motivating, vibrant, stimulating session she ran.  The girls were really buzzing afterwards!  Thank You so much for your time.



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