Syrian refugee prayer vigil


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Year 11 ARC groups have been working hard this term putting their faith into action. One of our groups had focussed on the refugee crisis. They felt they wanted to do something to help and so looked to the advice of Cardinal Vincent Nichols. The Cardinal suggested that Catholics can above all else pray. So with this in mind one of our groups prepared an all day prayer vigil for Wednesday 7th October. They prepared TCT resources for tutor groups, they wrote letters to the Cardinal inviting him to join us. (unfortunately he is in Rome with the pope!)Students prepared a power point as a focus for groups in the chapel.Groups were brought down in their RE lessons for 20 minutes at a time to pray for refugees in crisis. The chapel remained a constant place of prayer all day with staff and students covering break and lunchtime. Everyone agreed it was a worthwhile undertaking. Well done year 11 ARC!