12 A.R.C Environment day

A huge congratulations to the year 12 A.R.C Environment group, who organised and ran an Environment day for KS3 classes. Also a huge thank you for all of the KS3 classes involved, the effort put in by all was brilliant to witness.

Today year 8 helped cleared an area so that in future we can grow plants. A group of year 8 also did water sampling to become more aware of the animals present in our school.

Year 9 selflessly  picked up litter and went around the entire school collecting recycling.

Year 7 made bird feeders to help preserve natural wild life in our local community.

Today all the pupils put their faith into action by being stewards of the earth.  “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Gen 2:15

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Thank you for all your work today. 

Berlin History Trip

The Key Stage 4 History Trip went to Berlin this year with 50 students where we visited sites that covered the rise of the Nazis, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. In particular Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the Berlin Wall were very memorable for how they impacted on the lives of so many people.

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A.R.C Justice and Peace Food bank donations

A huge thank you for all the donations from years 7, 8 & 9 your generosity has been amazing and you truly have been living out the Gospel teachings ‘Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead’ Philippians 2:3-4. Pupils in year 10 who donated on behalf of the school had this to say ‘The food bank is an extremely important part of our community it allows us to help one another and shows God’s unconditional love to those who may have fallen into hard times, it also reminds us of how lucky we are and how easy it can be to fall on hard times, it was a great privileged to take the donations and we continue to support this great local charity’.

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A.R.C Alternatives trip

We would like to once again thank the Year 12 A.R.C team for all their generosity. Throughout the last term the pupils on a weekly basis brought in items that were donated to the ‘Alternatives’ Charity. Alternatives is an amazing charity which offers support for all pregnancy and pregnancy loss related issues.

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St Joan of Arc Mock EU Referendum Result

The counting is now complete and we can reveal how the students have voted in our mock EU referendum held this morning.
Thank you so much to the work of everyone involved to make this happen and to form tutors and teachers for taking the time to discuss the issues with the students.
Here we go:
Overall result:
Remain = 406 votes
Leave = 285 votes
Spoilt ballots = 52
A breakdown of results by year groups:
Year 7:
Remain = 109 votes
Leave = 71 votes
Spoilt ballots = 11
Year 8:
Remain = 77 votes
Leave = 71 votes
Spoilt ballots = 5
Year 9:
Remain = 104 votes
Leave = 31 votes
Spoilt ballots = 9
Year 10:
Remain = 75 votes
Leave = 100 votes
Spoilt ballots = 21
Sixth form:
Remain = 41 votes
Leave = 12 votes
Spoilt ballots = 6
It will be interesting now to see how our vote compares with the eligible UK voters!